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Marina Terms of Occupancy

1. Scale of fees payable will be issued annually by letter prior to the start of the new season.

2. All contracts are chargeable effective from the first of the month in which the mooring was occupied. No part month charges will be accommodated.

3. All fees are payable in advance, instalment plans will not be accepted.

4. In the case of early termination of your mooring agreement, refunds are NOT available.

5. All boats must display a current license.

6. All boats must display a current mooring permit.

7. All boats must be insured and have a current BSC. Photocopies of your insurance documents and BSC will be held in the moorings office. No permits will be issued without this rule being adhered to.

8. Engines may only be run at the following times:

8am to 8pm BST
8am to 6pm GMT

9. The sublet of boats will not be permitted under any circumstances.

10. Only management approved repairers with Public Liability Insurance of 5,000,000 cover will be allowed into the marina to undertake any repairs.

11. Heavy repairs, e.g. welding, angle grinding, self repaints and paint preparation will be allowed in designated workbays only with management knowledge and written permission. Permission will only be granted with adequate insurance cover. Other self repairs will be allowed on the moorings.

12. The boat owner must ensure that the boat is insured for any lifting, mast removal and storage ashore and produce the insurance policy before any boat lift operation is carried out.

13. The boat owner shall not offer any boat for private sale, without the prior written consent of Billing Aquadrome, whilstoccupying a mooring in the marina. In the event that Billing Aquadrome consents to the vessel being offered for sale whilst it is in the marina, the owner must use their brokerage service to effect the sale of the boat. In the event that the owner sells the boat privately Billing Marina reserves the right to charge the owner a Sale on Berth fee to allow an alternative party to occupy a Billing Aquadrome berth. The Sale on Berth fee is also applicable in the scenario when the boat
is sold to a customer within the Marina. Proof of sale value is required for all situations.

14. All boats must be kept clean and in reasonable repair at all times. Should a boat be damaged, then repair works must be carried out as soon as is reasonably possible.

15. Billing Aquadrome will invoke a TORT upon any boat and/or other property belonging to the owner, whilst in or at the marina, for any debt that remains unpaid 30 days after its due date. A TORT is a pre-authorised repossession order on specified property, whereby the said property will be sold on brokerage and the proceeds of the sale used to satisfy the debt owed by the owner to Billing Aquadrome. Any remaining monies after this will be remitted to the owner.

16. Billing Aquadrome reserves the right to moor, re-berth, move, board, enter or carry out emergency work on any boat if, in Billing Aquadrome's opinion, it is necessary to do so for the purposes of trying to:
avoid damage to the boat or to any other vessel in the Marina; and/or
ensure the safety of other users of the Marina; and/or
ensure the safety of Billing Aquadrome's staff, premises, plant or equipment.

17. Billing Aquadrome reserves the right to moor, re-berth or move the boat if, in Billing Aquadrome's opinion, it is necessary to do so in order to launch or put afloat any other vessel.

18. Billing Aquadrome reserves the right to moor, re-berth or move the boat, and/or to move any equipment and/or goods belonging to the owner, if, in Billing Aquadrome's opinion, it is necessary for the good management, safety or security of the marina.

19. All cars in marina car park must display a car pass.

20. Cycling is prohibited on the pontoons.

21. No loud music, nor any unreasonable noise or behaviour causing a nuisance to neighbouring boaters will be tolerated.

22. Either party can terminate the contract with one month written notice. Billing Aquadrome can terminate the contract for breach of the Terms of Occupancy.

23. Courtesy trolleys are provided for everyone to use. Please return them to the gate immediately after use. It might be you that needs one quickly.

24. Car parking, please be considerate at all times to other users. The car park is on a first come first served basis but double parking which will impede on the turning of other vehicles is not allowed.

Compliance Rules For Residency

We have created a very friendly community among our moorers who live aboard. We hope that you will join us and enjoy the extensive facilities that we offer. Please contact the marina on 07762 905145 for full details of our moorings.
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